Research shows that the physiological changes that occur during the ageing process increase the risk of injuries for men and women aged 50+. This comes with extra challenges in exercising and moving safely. Older bodies need care in choosing correct exercise techniques, the right type of exercise and also minimising the risk of falls.

Common conditions are osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, reduced mobility (often after orthopaedic surgery such as total joint replacements), spinal arthritic or degenerative joint disease.

This form of arthritis mostly results from “wear and tear” over our lifetime. Whilst exercise does not affect the bone changes, strong muscles around the affected joints offer stability and flexibility and therefore ease joint pain and improve mobility.

Our bones are living things. We lose and replace millions of bone cells every day. With age, our bones become more brittle and are easier to break. Increasing Calcium and Vitamin D intake can help normalise this process. Exercise also plays a big part in helping prevent and manage osteoporosis and needs to be specific. Muscles and bones need to be challenged regularly to strengthen them. Weight bearing or resistance strength training exercises are the best.

How we can help?
At MOVE Physiotherapy, hands-on treatment can provide immediate symptomatic relief but prescription of the right exercises, stretches or hydrotherapy programs will increase mobility and provide patients with the tools to self-manage their condition.

We assess current joint range of motion, muscle strength, balance status and design a sensitive and appropriate individualized exercise program to improve their confidence. Education will be provided to help our patients understand which situations they are most at risk, develop effective strategies to lower the risk of falls and assess their home for potential fall hazards.

We make sure that our patients over 50+ exercise safely and appropriately in order to stay injury free and continue living an active lifestyle doing the things they love.

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