At MOVE Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy we provide:

Holistic health and wellness: Being located inside Yarra Medical Abbotsford provides a patient-centred, multi-disciplinary approach to holistic health and wellness. The medical practitioners have entrusted us with the care of their patients, whether it be injuries or health concerns.

Detailed initial assessment: An initial assessment allows us to precisely assess your condition and provide you with an accurate diagnosis, formulate a treatment plan and work out underlying predisposing factors to prevent re-occurrence.

Review consultation: Follow up consultations allows us to effectively provide the opportunity of alleviating pain, updating your exercises and planning your return to full function.

Hands on treatment: Soft tissue and joint manipulation. No reliance on passive machines. We never treat more than one client at a time and treatment is provided in a private room.

Exercise prescription: Provide a tailored exercise program, with instructions, diagrams and videos, with follow up updates and progressions.

Referral to other health professionals and investigations: We can directly refer you to our medical practitioners for onsite pathology and radiology requests should there be a need for an immediate investigation of your injury. We can also refer to other onsite health professionals (clinical psychologists and dietitians) ensuring that your mental and emotional health is as well-maintained as your physical health.

Evidence based practice: All techniques used are based on current validated research.

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