Prenatal Physiotherapy

Although pregnancy can be an exciting time, it can often also be an uncomfortable one with back, neck or pelvic pain, tingling hands and continence problems.

Whether you are having your first, second or third child, it’s likely you will have your own unique health concerns to deal with.

At MOVE Physiotherapy we use the Belly Pillow® so that you can safely lie on your front, easing the pressure on your back and giving you a chance to comfortably receive treatment.

MOVE physiotherapists can provide:

  • A range of effective ways to maintain your fitness during pregnancy
  • Friendly, confidential advice and treatment for your pregnancy-related health concerns such as back and hip pain, pelvic girdle instability, sacroiliac joint pain and swelling
  • Specific exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor to avoid any incontinence during and following pregnancy
  • Highly recommended pregnancy supports such as belts and compression shorts/leggings

Postnatal Physiotherapy

MOVE Mum Baby

Regaining pre-pregnancy fitness and vitality is paramount to new mothers. We tailor specific exercises to restore your posture and improve pelvic floor and abdominal strength.

We can help you restore pelvic floor function, assess deep abdominal separation and maintain your lower back care while also assisting in weight loss and pain management.

Returning To Exercise After Giving Birth
Specific attention will be given to the pelvic floor function and prevention of prolapse or incontinence symptoms that can arise when exercise is recommenced too soon or incorrectly.

We can also refer you to qualified continence and pelvic floor physiotherapists if your symptoms require more specialised attention or advice.

Pre and Postnatal Clinical Exercise

Our one-on-one sessions are safe, effective and we prescribe an individualised program comprising of a variety of low weight-bearing exercises for women during and after their pregnancy.

These sessions are conducted under the guidance of a physiotherapist that has undergone training in pregnancy and pelvic floor health.

The aim of these sessions is to help you:

  • Take some time out to exercise and bond with your baby
  • Stay active and improve your physical health and well-being
  • Strengthen muscles affected by pregnancy and prepare your body for labour
  • Reduces your recovery time post-birth
  • Education and advise you in relation to breastfeeding positions, posture, back care, use of supports and pelvic floor health

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